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Advisory Message: Please be Aware of Fake Wire Transfer Emails
Emails that appear to be from and a subject line of Wire transfer was rejected are currently being sent to random email addresses. The message advises the recipient to click a link to view the report. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.
 The message is not from the federal reserve or any bank.

Please visit our Security Center for tips on "How to be Safe on the Internet"
 and other valuable information

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You can sign up for Internet Banking by completing an Enrollment Form and returning it to us. Once you have submitted your enrollment form, you can finalize your enrollment by clicking the appropriate link below.

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Go green and sign-up for E-Statements, our new electronic statement delivery product that gives you the ability to view your account statements from within Internet Banking. Eliminate the paper statements that are currently mailed to you by viewing your statement on-line in PDF format. New statements are made available to you as soon as they are ready, and contain the same information as your paper statement. Your last 6 months of statements are always available on-line, and you can print any statement or save a copy to disk, CD, or your computer’s hard-drive.

You can sign up for E-Statements by completing an Enrollment Form and returning it to us.


What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication is intended to provide you with the best security possible when accessing your account online. Multi-Factor Authentication consists of validation and authentication of an individual using more than one method of verification. You will need to create three (3) question and answer pairs. This allows us to verify that you are in fact, you, by presenting you with a question that only YOU know the answer to. If you don't answer the question correctly, you will not gain access to your accounts. You will also need to create a "Security Key". This allows you to verify that you have reached our Internet Banking site, and not some other site. Every time you attempt to log in to your accounts, we will send you a graphical representation of the Security Key that you created. If you do not see that Security Key or it is not the one you created then you know that you are NOT at OUR site. 



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