The Delaware National Bank of Delhi

The Delaware National Bank of Delhi is the 26th oldest bank in the Country, and the 3rd oldest bank in the State of New York. We are the oldest bank in Delaware County.

In 1839, the bank opened its doors for business on the second floor of a storefront on Delhi's Main Street. In 1841, the  white pillared structure shown above was built, which still functions as our bank today.

In the Fall of 1998, we opened our first branch on Route 28 in the Town of Middletown. Then in the Fall of 2007, we opened our second branch at the intersection of Prosser Hollow Road and State Route 23 at Pindars Corners in the Town of Davenport, NY. We recently opened our third branch in the Fall of 2010 on Main Street in Hobart, NY. All branches feature drive-up lanes, night depositories, and 24-hour ATMs.

Advisory Message: Please be Aware of Fake Wire Transfer Emails
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 The message is not from the federal reserve or any bank.

Please be aware of Phone Phishing Scams

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